Below are some projects I've worked on creating various smaller assets and elements. First up was 2020's McDonald's Christmas advert,working alongside Interference Pattern and Passion Pictures I modelled and textured a couple of the background buildings for the street market scene. It was a shame they never got any screen time but fun,quick project to be involved in.


Another quick I worked on for Interference Pattern was Comparethemarkets Meerkat advert series introducing its new supervillain lineup with a series of new shorts ads. I worked on texturing / shading various background props to be used throughout such as the helicopter and various crates and boxes for the villains lair.

Lastly I worked on a small environment for Brawl Stars Championship trailer, I modelled and shading the Istanbul inspired environment as well as some train background props. It was fun to work on something with a different style even if it just seconds on screen!.