• Maya modelling,lighting and rendering / generalist

  • Low and high detail poly modelling / UV mapping from concept models to detailed replicas.

  • Environment and prop modelling / hard surface for animation or real time applications.

  • Unity 3D,real time environments,light-mapping.

  • Cryengine 3, generalist environment and lighting.

  • Unreal 4,environment / level design as well as experience building for VR.

  • Cinema4D general experience in animation,environments,particles and lighting.

  • Substance Painter,Marmoset Toolbag,Photoshop,AfterEffects,ShiVaEngine and wide range of animation / rendering and gaming tools for content creation.


My name is Colin Kaszynski,I am a 3D modeller / environment artist from Edinburgh,Scotland. I graduated University with first class honours in VFX and concept design and also have a HND in Illustration with Graphic Design and I am looking for freelance / full time or one off work in the film,game or animation industry.

My area of specialization is hard surface modelling however I enjoy creating immersive content,whether it animation,content for movies or building environments for games I enjoy visual design that has personality. I have worked on a variety of collaborative projects from commercial CG work,product visualization, animation to game / real-time AR and VR projects.

I enjoy learning and experimenting with software and tools and I am comfortable learning new ones quickly and can be flexible in my role and am happy to work on projects of any scale from indie to commercial whether solo or with a team and I'm always looking for unique opportunity and collaborations.