Amityville '76 is a personal project I worked on in UE4 with the goal of recreating the real world location of the infamous haunting. In order to build the long island house I began by finding as many photos / footage from every era of the houses interior and exterior then gradually sourcing much of the homes furniture and item to add to the recreation. I was able to establish the changes to the house and even the remaining contents over several decades.


The environment was built from footage and photos. Props,furniture and soft furnishings were replicas as much as possible and I explored making it into a full game that would feature the house in various time periods and have a retro 70's aesthetic evolving into a digital aesthetic. Although the project sadly didn't develop further I had some interesting contacts over the course of making it and some of my models were also used for reference in the film 'The Amityville Murders'. Below are some visual style experiments as well game mechanic tests from the project.